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Kilter Ceilidh Band

Kilter is one of Scotland’s finest ceilidh bands.  Since around 2000 kilter has performed at a wide range of events both domestically and abroad.  It’s success comes down to a distinctive style of modern ceilidh music, hard work and a fun approach to performing which engages the crowd at every event.  Kilter’s core line up is a 4 or 5 piece band.  We can add a horns section and/or dancers to this if required for a particular event.

What we offer…

  • 4 or 5 piece ceilidh band
  • Dance caller
  • DJ
  • Ceremony Piper
  • Ceremony Music
  • Drinks recption music
  • PA and microphones for speeches and background playlist
  • Photographer

At its core Kilter is a 4 or 5 piece ceilidh band with dance caller & DJ.  The most common line up is Accordion, Pipes/Flute, Piano or Guitar & Drums.  Fiddle and/or Percussion is often added for extended line ups.  This allows us to play at a range of events at a price to suit any budget.  Kilter is well known for forging strong links with the crowd and encouraging guests onto the dance floor. Kilter’s unique style and light hearted approach in explaining the dances lures the crowd onto the dance floor in droves.

You can listen to Kilter or view our Photo Gallery. To make a booking enquiry, please click here.