Thank you for saying thank you!

Kilter is a superb band…

Dear Ross ( + the team),

Saturday was a day full of compliments for the Ball from all those who attended and I wanted to pass on to you everyone’s real enjoyment and enthusiasm for the ball and a huge part of that is down to you guys and how you get everyone up on that dance floor with your choices of music and dancing and of course expertise in playing.  Kilter is a superb band and it really does make all the difference to me knowing that once you guys come on, I can join in the party too and enjoy the dancing as much as everyone else!  So thank you so so much and for all the extra time you played for and the organisation and quick responses to e mails the week before.  Brilliant!  Will get confirmation of next year’s date at the next meeting in July and be in touch very soon.

Thanks so much again,


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