Thank you for saying thank you!

The Icing On The Cake

Hi Ross and Ian
A huge thank you for being the “icing on the cake” with regards to the success of the conference gala dinner. The English visitors were especially “blown away” by the ceilidh, your music and the creation of a happy atmosphere which people wanted to participate in. The testament to all your professionalism is the fact that the dance floor was full to the close of the event and done with what appeared to be ease but in reality is tricky and difficult- a sign of true professionals!
I, personally cannot thank you enough and in addition pass on the thanks of the other committee members.
Also thanks for helping with the “alternative entertainment” of the opera singer. The donations to save the children, once match pound by pound by another organisation and tax relief the total raised was £2,800!
There were a few disappointed ladies in the place though…….because they didn’t ge
t pick for the demonstration “lift”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would not be surprised, methinks from what I have heard, that there may be a few more events coming your way!!!! There is a big European Paediatrics Conference starting to be organised for Glasgow 2015……… and guess where a number of that organising committee were on Thursday 15th !!!!!!!  CDs  for then…they will sell like hot cakes!!!
Thank you so much again for making it a great night for all. See you soon.

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